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Understanding Kanban

Your perfect introduction to the topic. After this training, you can assess whether Kanban is also helpful in your work system.

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Build Kanban

Here you will learn more about Kanban and its core concepts and build your first Kanban Board. Become capable of acting on Kanban!

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Living Kanban

You learn to optimise Kanban systems evidence-based on their value creation process. Bring your value creation into the flow!

With us you will find everything from public Kanban training to customised in-house offers to get into the flow. 

With the three Kanban development stages, we accompany you from Kanban beginner to Kanban professional.

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Voices on the training


Mood in training

Expertise, didactics and the good mood they spread.


Trainer Duo

Ruedi and Renzo went into detail with the participants. A well-rehearsed team. Not overbearing. They integrated the participants well into the training. Everyone had a chance to contribute. Good discussions at eye level. They were good at dealing with teasing.


Share experience

I loved how well you complemented each other. This course is alive thanks to you and your experiences.


After the training

I want to put what I have learned into practice.

Do what they say:

Well-coordinated team - ping-pong between the trainers was possible. Strong emphasis on visualisation with different tools. Stringent adherence to the agenda.

Agile Coach / We Coaching

Simplicity of theory and the complexity of reality

Ruedi and Renzo know how to convey the simplicity of theory and the complexity of reality in a very clear, practical and humorous way. The training is not a frontal teaching, but a collective shaping and practicing of the fundamental mindset of Kanban. I was very empowered and inspired to introduce as well as optimise Kanban at different levels of an organisation. Thank you!

Yes we Kanban!

Learning together with Ruedi and Renzo is not only fun, the learning content is practical, concrete and stimulating! Yes we Kanban!

Servant Leader, Systemic Coach, Agile Coach and IT Techie / Roche; Scientific Solution Engineering & Architecture

Practical relevance and exchange of experience

A lot of practical relevance and exchange of experiences made the course very valuable, in addition to the interesting content.

"Don't fall in love with your first Kanban-board"

Many thanks Ruedi for the many insights into the Kanban method with its versatile applications in production and knowledge work. Looking towards a new future with time for work completion and innovation, in which prioritisation, change principles, a common understanding of the current way of working, feedback mechanisms and improvement have their place. MANAGE WORK NOT PEOPLE! Change and innovation also means "Don't fall in love with your first Kanban-board"!

Project Engineer / HAENNI Instruments Inc.

World improvement :-)

Ruedi is able to draw on his cumulative arsenal of experience and concrete examples from practice to convey the theory in an interesting and very exciting way. He addressed the individual needs of the participants, never forgot to add a pinch of humour and mastered the hurdle "online course" without any problems. I enjoyed it very much and it was packed with valuable information. Thank you!

Senior Project Manager Digital Business Model Development, Agile Leader SmartWay / couniq consulting AG

Further education is fun

The mix of experiential learning, the introduction of one's own practical cases and the imparting of methodology - imparted by experienced and committed trainers - makes further education fun!

Christian Hartl
Product Owner / Bexio

Good mix between theory and practical application

 In my opinion, Ruedi is an excellent trainer who knows how to convey the content in a comprehensible and motivating way, while ensuring a good mix between theory and practical application.

The KSD course was extremely valuable for me as a PO, as the optimization of the value chain is the focus of my position. I got a lot of input that will help me and my team. Many thanks Ruedi

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